Originally the building was connected with the Holy Ghosts' Monastery and was a hospital of poor scholars, since 16th century named after St. Roch, patron of the hospitals' chapel. And here is its short historical review: this establishment was at first a branch of the Holy Ghosts' hospital opened in 13th century but separated between 1458-1460, gaining as a property a house situated at today's Szpitalna Street and St. Marks' Street crossing. At that point, a total reconstruction of the building had begun, which ended in 1474. Scholars' hospital was under both secular and church authority, on behalf of which it was governed by provisory. One of them was Antoni Franckowicz who in the end of 16th century once again had the building reconstructed and had restored the hospitals' former function.
The two-storey, renaissance office connected with the main building with an interconnection is dated back to that period. This rebuilding is commemorated by a historic board situated in hall in 1594.
18th century starts the downfall for the hospital. From 1790, the new proprietor of the building is St Mary's Church parish, which after slight adaptations designates it for a shelter.  During the 1830's there was a grand reconstruction, making the buildings' style more classicist and changing its interior arrangement, shelter was moved out to an outbuilding and the main building was changed into private apartments. In 1903, ownership once again changed hands this time to the City Council, which intended to demolish the post hospital buildings. In the end, the building was destined for commercial zone and apartments.
Between 1917-1937 in the halls of 1st floor quartered the of Union of Artists and during the spring of 1933 there was an experimental theatre called Cricot opened here, which became famous and successful pretty fast. Three years later destiny of the House under the Cross was to become the quarters of the upcoming Historical Museum. Self reliant after the war, the Museum took over the building in 1949, and in 1958 passed a resolution about capital reconstruction of it, to accommodate it to museum exposition of the theatre-oriented collection. This decision appealed to the project of Maciej Szukiewicz from 1917 who designated this building as the place for the Stanisław Wyspiański Theatrical Museum.
In March 2008, the Theatre Branch temporarily suspended exhibition activities in the Cross House. The permanent exhibition - The History of the Kraków's Theatre - was closed out of necessity of major repairs of the Cross House building and maintenance of the exhibits. Moreover the exhibition concept is going to be modified. At the moment the scenario of the 3rd version of the permanent exhibition - The History of the Kraków's Theatre is being prepared.
The Theatre branch will continue statutory actions i.e. research, protection and popularizing the collection, but also will continue works on gaining new museum objects. At the same time the museum prepares scenarios of temporary theatre exhibitions dedicated to Kraków's artists.
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We would like to inform that the Cross House is closed. We apologize for any inconvenience.