Rules for Visititors - Exhibition Cyberteka

Rules for Visititors - Exhibition Cyberteka

Exhibition Cyberteka. Krakow – Time and Space
visiting regulations

1.  Opening hours: from Tuesday until Sunday, between 10.00 am and 5.30 pm.

2.  Cyberteka may be visited individually or in organised groups.

3.  An organised group may not be larger than 20 people (including the group minder and the guide or leader).

4.  Before the entrance to the exhibition purchase a ticket to the Museum, in accordance with the price list concerning the tour of the Historical Museum of the City of Krakow (MHK).

5.  The current price list as well as a list of people authorised to free and reduced admission fee are available on page

6.  The organisation of Cyberteka tours on Tuesdays shall be as follows:
a. admission to the exhibition is free of charge
b. organised groups enter the exhibition free of charge, however, a guide service is subject to payment.

7.  Organised groups and individuals may purchase a guide service provided by a guide designated by the Museum.

8.  The reservation of a guide for groups or individuals shall be made within 4 days before the planned date of the tour, via or at the Visitor Service Centre of the MHK (the Cloth Hall, 1 Rynek Główny Street).

9.  The guide shall wait for the group for the maximum of 15 minutes from the reserved time. After this deadline the Museum reserves the right to refuse the admission of the group and impose a contractual penalty of PLN 100 for the failure to use the reservation.

10.  In the case of a failure to use or resignation from the reservation of a guide service, and a failure to notify about that fact within 4 calendar days before the reserved term, the reserving entity shall be contractually penalised with the amount of PLN 100.

11.  Having considered the appeal against the contractual penalty, the Director of the Museum shall have the right to decide upon the remittance of the penalty. The appeal shall be submitted to the Director of the MHK within a period not exceeding 3 calendar days as of the moment of being notified about the imposition of the penalty.

12.  A tour with an external guide shall be possible providing that the guide has been awarded proper certificates.

13.  By virtue of fire regulations, the number of visitors of the facility is limited. An exhibition may be visited by the maximum of 50 visitors at a time.

14.  Should the foregoing limit be reached, a Museum worker shall be authorised to temporarily withdraw admissions to Cyberteka.

15.  If two or more groups are waiting for the admission to the exhibition, priority is given to the group who has purchased a guide service.

16.  The time of a guided tour of the place is c.a. 60 min.

17.  Cyberteka must be visited in accordance with the established direction and the order of the tour.

18.  The remarks and recommendations of the guide and the staff of the Museum shall be observed in the course of the tour.

19.  The last admission to Cyberteka shall take place:
•    60 min. before closing – for visitors who purchased a guide service.
•    45 min. before closing – for individual visitors.

20.  Smoking, talking via a mobile phone or the consumption of food and drinks shall be forbidden in the building.

21.  The admission of intoxicated persons or persons whose behaviour poses a threat to the safety of the collections, disturbs the order of visiting or violates the general norms of behaviour in public places shall be forbidden.

21. The following may not be brought into the building:
•    firearms and cold weapons, ammunition, objects generally perceived as dangerous,
•    explosives, flammable and toxic materials,
•    long umbrellas,
•    backpacks and large luggage,
•    animals.

22. The Museum reserves the right to ask any visitors who fail to observe these regulations to leave or refuse their admission.

23. Further information may be obtained at the Visitor Service Centre under tel./fax (12) 426 50 60, from Monday until Sunday, between 10.00 am until 7.00 pm or via electronic mail:

24. Buying a ticket shall mean the acceptance of these regulations.

25. The regulations enter into force on 30.10.2014.
Booking and tickets
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35 Main Square, 31-011 Kraków
Phone: +48 12 619-23-35

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Opening hours:

Opening hours of Cyberteka
Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 am - 5.30 pm


April 12th
May 3rd
June 11th, 
August 15th, 
November 1st, 11th
December 25th

Exhibition tickets:

Tickets for exhibition Cyberteka:
regular 12,00 PLN
concessionary ticket 8,00 PLN
group, concessionary 7,00 PLN
group 8 PLN
family 24,00 PLN
Guided tour: 110 PLN