Rules for visitors

Rules for visitors

Rules and Regulations for Visitors to the permanent exhibition “People of Kraków in Times of Terror 1939-1945-1956” and the former Gestapo cells at ul. Pomorska 2, the branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków
1. The permanent exhibition “People of Kraków in Times of Terror 1939-1945-1956” and the former Gestapo cells are open to individual visitors and organised groups.
2. Organised groups may only include 10-25 people (including tutors, couriers, etc.)
3. Individual persons and organized groups can book a guide through the website of the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków ( The guide, appointed by the Museum has to be booked at least 4 days prior to the intended visit.
4. The priority entrance to the permanent exhibition and the temporary exhibitions is reserved for the individual persons and organized groups, who made a booking.
5. Sightseeing on Tuesdays:
a/ admission is free of charge
b/ the admission for organised groups is also free of charge, but the groups are required to pay the cost of the guide service, if it is booked in the Museum
6. On Mondays the Museum is closed.
7. Before entering the exhibition, visitors shall purchase tickets according to the current price list.
8. The current price list and the list of persons entitled to free admission, or reduced price tickets, are available at:
9. The sightseeing time of the exhibition for organized groups with a guide is about 60 minutes.
10. The last admission to the exhibition for individual persons and organised groups without a guide is 30 minutes before closing time; for individual persons and organised groups with a guide service is 60 minutes before closing time.
11. The advised age limit is 13. Younger children can visit the exhibition and the cells only with their parents or caretakers.
12. The Museum shall be visited in accordance with the prearranged tour of the exhibition.
13. During sightseeing it is obligatory to comply with the remarks and suggestions of the guide as well as the employees of the Museum.
14. If a visit to the Museum that has been booked ahead does not take place, and if such a visit is not cancelled at least four (4) calendar days before, the booking entity shall be charged a fine of 100 PLN.
15. The Museum reserves the right to change the visiting date and limit the number of people at the exhibition site under reasonable circumstances.
16. The Museum reserves the right to deny admission for organised groups that do not comply with the rules herein.
17. At the permanent exhibition the visitors are not allowed to take flash photographs, or use tripods.
18. The visitors are not allowed to eat or drink, smoke, or talk on the phone at the exhibition site.
19. Intoxicated persons, and persons behaving in a way that challenges the safety of exhibits, disrupts the tour of the exhibition, or violates the commonly accepted standards of behaviour in public, shall not be admitted to the Museum.
20. It is prohibited to bring along the following to the exhibition site:
  • firearms, ammunition, objects considered potentially dangerous;
  • explosives, combustibles, and toxic materials;
  • pets.
Additional information may be obtained in the Visitors Centre, tel. (48 12) 426-50-60 from Monday to Sunday, 10:00-19:00 and by e-mail:
21. Buying a ticket to the exhibition shall mean that the buyer has accepted the rules herein.
22. The present Rules and Regulations for Visitors are effective as of the 1st of April, 2012.
Booking and tickets
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2 Pomorska Street, 30-039 Kraków
Phone: +48 12 633-14-14, 631-10-01, 631-10-02
Fax: +48 12 631-10-02

Manager: custodian Monika Bednarek

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Opening hours:

Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 am - 5.30 pm


April 12th
May 3rd
June 11th, 
August 15th, 
November 1st, 11th
December 25th

Admission is free on Tuesdays.

Exhibition tickets:

regular 12,00 PLN
concessionary ticket 8,00 PLN
group, concessionary 7,00 PLN
group 8 PLN
family 24,00 PLN
guided tour: 110 PLN
the cells of the previous Gestapo prison - free entrance

Admission charges Memory Trail (Pomorska Street, the Eagle Pharmacy, Oskar Schindler’s Enamel Factory):
adults: 40 PLN
concession: 32 PLN
family: 80 PLN
group admission (standard): 30 PLN 
school groups (concession): 26 PLN

The ticket is valid for 7 days as of the purchase date. Admission to exhibitions according to the visiting regulations.

Tickets can be purchased in the branch ticket office or in the Visitor Centre, Sukiennice, Rynek Główny 1.
Museum within the MHK memory trail