Rules for visitors

Rules for visitors

Rules and Regulations for Visitors to the Permanent Exhibition “Following the Traces of European Identity of Kraków – tour of the underground vaults in Rynek Główny”

§ 1
For the usage of these Rules and Requirement the following terms are established:
a) Museum – The Historical Museum of the City of Kraków, Rynek Underground Branch,
b) Exhibition – a permanent exhibition Following the traces of European Identity of Kraków – tour of the Underground vaults in Rynek Główny,
c) Individual tourist – a person or a group of people (adults and children) – less than 15,
d) Organized group – a group of people (adults and children) – 16-30 max, including the group and the tutor.
e) Visitors – individual tourists and organized groups,
f) System – the electronic system of booking tickets for the Exhibition via the Internet, available at:

§ 2
Opening days and hours. Duration of the sightseeing.
1. The Exhibition is open to individual visitors and organized groups within the time limits provided at the websites: or
2. During the opening hours, admission to the Exhibition takes places every 15 minutes, and a group of no more than 30 people may enter the Exhibition at the same time.
3. Tour duration for organised groups is approximately 90 minutes (including 75 minutes with the guide).
4. The last admission to the exhibition for organised groups is 90 minutes before closing time; for individual visitors – 75 minutes before the closing time.
5. The Museum reserves the right to change the visiting date or hour or temporarily close parts of the Exhibition under reasonable circumstances.

§ 3
Ticket purchase
1. A limit of visitors applies at the Exhibition.
2. Before entering the exhibition site, visitors shall purchase tickets according to the current price list. The current price list, and the list of persons entitled to free admission, or discount tickets, are available at: and
3. Due to the limited number of tickets, the Visitors are advised to make a prior online reservation in the booking system.
4. The Visitors, purchasing the tickets after making a prior online booking, are obliged to cover the costs, in accordance with their reservation, and in accordance with the current price list.
5. Purchased tickets cannot be returned.
6. On Mondays admission is free for individual tourists, on presentation of a free entrance ticket collected from the box-office. Organised groups are required to pay the cost of guide service. 

§ 4
Sightseeing with a guide
1. Organised groups are obliged to visit the exhibition with a guide appointed by the Museum.
2. Individual tourists, who book more than 15 tickets, are obliged to book and pay for the guide service.
3. Guide service for organised groups and individual visitors has to be booked at least 4 days prior to the intended sightseeing time through the website: and or in the MHK Visitor Centre, situated in Sukiennice (the Cloth Hall), Rynek Główny 1.
4. It is possible to visit the exhibition with an outsourced guide, on condition that they have obtained an appropriate licence issued by the Museum. The licence can be obtained after completion of the training course organised by the Museum and receiving an appropriate certificate issued by the Museum.
5. The guide’s waiting time for the group is 15 minutes from the booked time. After that the Museum reserves the right not to allow the group enter the exhibition and issuing a fine, according to the rules in § 7 of this document.

§ 5
Sightseeing without a guide
Individual visitors are allowed to tour the exhibition without a guide, with the restriction stated in § 4 point 2 of this document.

§ 6
The obligation to cancel the reservation
Individual tourists and organized groups, making a booking with the guide service, as well as organized groups making a booking in accordance with the regulations of § 4 point 4 – are obliged to notify the Museum in case of cancellation of the service or of the sightseeing.
The notification should be made at least four calendar days before the sightseeing date, by sending an email to: or in person by visiting the Visitor Centre, located in the Cloth Hall, Rynek Główny 1, Kraków.

§ 7
Consequences of not cancelling the reservation
1. In case of a lack of notification, stated in § 6 of these Rules, the persons making the booking will be charged with a fine of 100 PLN by the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków. The fine should be paid within 14 days after the person has been informed about the fine, by bank transfer to the MHK account: PL 95 1020 2892 0000 5102 0591 0361.
2. Persons, who have been informed about the fine, have the right to appeal within 3 calendar days from the notification time. The appeal with the justification should be conferred in writing, and sent to the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków, Kraków, Rynek Główny 35. The final decision about the fine, after the clarification process will be made by the Director of the Museum, or persons, authorized to do so by the Director.

§ 8
The order of sightseeing
1. The Visitors enter the exhibition according to the admission time, provided on the ticket. The Museum reserves the right to deny admission to persons, who are more than 15 minutes late.
2. One of the elements of the Exhibition is the mechanical theatre: The Legend about the Old Kraków, which is played on the Visitors’ request, made to the box-office employee before the start of sightseeing.
3. Before entering the Exhibition the Visitors are obliged to use the Cloakroom, free of charge.
4. It is prohibited to bring the following objects to the Exhibition:
a) firearms and cold steel, ammunition, objects considered potentially dangerous;
b) explosives, combustibles, and toxic materials;
c) long umbrellas;
d) backpacks and bulky luggage;
e) pets.
5. The Exhibition shall be visited in accordance with the prearranged tour of the exhibition.
6. It is prohibited to go beyond the designated sightseeing areas.
7. After completing the sightseeing, it is pot possible to go back to the Exhibition.
8. At the exhibition the Visitors are not allowed to make films, take flash photographs, or use tripods.
9. The Visitors are not allowed to eat or drink, smoke, or talk on the phone at the exhibition.
10. Intoxicated persons, and persons behaving in a way that challenges the safety of the exhibits, disrupts the tour of the exhibition, or violates the commonly accepted standards of behaviour in public, shall not be admitted to the Museum.

§ 9
1. The Museum reserves the right to deny admission or force to leave the exhibition with regards to any organised groups or individual tourists that do not comply with the rules herein.
2. In case of destroying or losing of the cloakroom ticket or a locker key, a penalty fine of 20 PLN will be applied.

§ 10
Other rules
1. Additional information about the Exhibition may be obtained via email at: and or on the phone: +48 012 426 50 60.
2. Buying a ticket to the exhibition shall mean that the buyer has accepted the rules herein.
3. The present Rules and Regulations for Visitors are effective as of the 3rd of July, 2012.
Booking and tickets
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Main Square 1, 31-042 Kraków
phone +48 12 426 50 60
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Opening hours:

Monday, Wedneday-Thursday: 10.00-19.00
Tuesday : 10.00 - 14.00
Friday - Sunday: 10.00 - 20.00

Exhibition is closed on every second Monday of the month.

April 12th
May 3rd
June 11th, 
August 15th, 
November 1st, 11th
December 25th

Visitors are advised to make a prior online reservation in the booking system:

Admission is free on Tuesday.

Exhibition tickets:

regular 24,00 PLN
concessionary ticket 20,00 PLN
group, concessionary 48,00 PLN
group 20 PLN
family 18,00 PLN
guided tour: 130 PLN