The youngest collection in the museum was created in 1991 thanks to Kraków's scouting organizations. It contains materials regarding of the Kraków's and Lvov's pre-war ZHP (Polish Scouting Organisation) regiment from1910 until the present day.
The collection currently contains 5000 items and it mainly comes from gifts and donations. It has been divided into two sections - museum exhibits and archival and library subjects. As the most interesting in the museum's collection we should mention the distinctions of creator of the Polish Scouting Organization - Andrzej Malkowski and one of the oldest scout's crosses. Moreover, the collection contains pre-war and post-war youth and instructors' uniforms, parts of the uniforms such as lanyards, whistles, badges, belts, sheath knifes, camp equipment, mess tins, canteens, backpacks, satchels, compasses, digging tools, canes etc. Additionally, the collection contains Polish and foreign distinctions and badges. In this collection there are also orders, congratulatory scrolls, drawings, flags and banners.
The photographs, especially from the earliest time of activity the years of 1911 - 1918 and 20-year interwar period are very valuable part of the collection. In this collection you can find: original pictures of Olga and Andrzej Malkowski's wedding, photography of Ells (Eleusis) from the trip do Odrzykonski castle, pictures of the main scouts' activists from the years 1911 - 1914, pictures of first male and female groups in Kraków and Lvov. Moreover we have huge collection of pictures from interwar period.
In the second part of this collection there are books, brochures, archives and press. In this collection we can find unique items such as A. Malkowski's books Skauting jako system wychowania mlodziezy na podstawie dziela gen . Baden - Powella (Scouting as a system of youth education according to the general Baden - Powell), Lvov 1911, Polskie skautki. (Polish scouts.) Zarys organizacyjny (Organizing draft), Lvov 1913, Z. Wyrobek Vade Mecum Skauta (Scout's Vade Mecum), Kraków 1913, J. Zawada, Czuj Duch, Kraków 1913, and much more from years 1911 - 1918 and interwar period, the World War II, post-war times up till now.
The collection of the scouts' press also contains items from the oldest ones, i.e. Lvov's Skauta (Scout) up to presently published magazines.
There are also very valuable archives such as: first organizing documents, log books of units and groups, reports, orders, manuscripts of the first Polish scout activists with their memories, etc.
Exhibits related to Kraków's Grey Lines (Szare Szeregi) deserves the biggest attention, unique in Poland archive of Kraków's  Zawisza and banners of groups, complete sets of underground press published by Kraków's scouts entitled Na Ucho (To give an earful) and Watry.
We hope that the collection will be enlarged by the new items and will be the inspiration for the historians of the scouting. Moreover, we hope that it will be the opportunity for scouts to explore their own origins and be helpful in ethical and patriotic education of Polish youth organizations.