Department of printing, binding and Kraków's press
5 Pawia Street, 31-154 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 429-37-91
Department owns machines and devices used in printing and binding in 19th and 20th century, printers' tools and decorative, books and diplomas in artistic bindings, and binders' bits and pieces, mostly from Robert Jahoda Binding workshop.

Department of folk and traditions of Kraków
Andrzej Szoka
21 Szpitalna Street, 31-024 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 428 00 41 extension 16
Department is looking after old customs and folk tradition of Krakow, mainly the Lajkonik holiday and annual Kraków's cribs competition. Additionally, it organizes crib exhibitions, both locally and abroad.

Department of cataloguing and amassing collections
Senior custodian Andrzej Malik, Main cataloguer of the Museum
2 Szczepańska Street, 31-011 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-80
The department looks after all museum’s collections. It is responsible for cataloguing and supervises digital record-keeping. This is a place where you can get information about owed by the museum objects, order a query or with the director’s approval, use the scientific collection’s catalogue. Moreover the department is responsible for renting procedures.
Main cataloguer is a line manager of: collection’s store manager – custodian Bożena Urbańska, and section of collection’s digitalization – senior master Wacław Pyzik.
Together with the department of cataloguing and amassing collections cooperates section of gaining collections. The section monitors antiquarian market to find new works of art and objects of material culture related to Kraków to the museum’s collections. The section accepts offers from individuals who want to present or sell to the museum valuable objects.

Promotion and Marketing Department
Specialist Monika Kocbuch
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-16
Rynek Główny 35 (35 Main Square), 31-011 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-31
Museum is continuously in touch with mass media and information agencies, forwarding in-formation about exhibitions and events to tourist and cultural information publishers. We are looking for sponsors and founders of prizes for contests and events organized by museum.
We are also looking for medial patronage for all major events related to Museum. We organ-ize press conferences, interviews related to ongoing exhibitions and events.

Department of architecture’s documentation and town planning of the city of Kraków
Senior custodian Elżbieta Firlet
2 Szczepańska Street, 31-011 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-88
Laboratory is in charge of photographic documentation of urban and suburban architecture in the former village area (now part of the city of Kraków). The documentation includes also maintenance repair works, demolition and rebuilding, the infrastructure of the city. The lab performs digital reconstructions of the historical architecture of the city, prepares scenarios for film animations, depicting the development of settlement of Kraków in virtual reality from prehistory to modern times. In the model studio, within the laboratory, pattern volumes of Kraków buildings from Middle Ages and modern times are created. The work involves also preparing exhibitions and scientific papers on the urban transformation of Kraków.

Library and Archive
Senior custodian Maria Kwaśnik
5 Pawia Street, 31-154 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-25, (+48 12) 619-23-81
Opened from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 14:00.
Apart from books and press issues museum owns precious and huge collection of old prints and archives. There are philosophical, ethical, philological, hisorical and Judaic works. Very precious is a unique old maps and plans collection.
The Visitor Centre
Information and tickets

Opening hours:
10:00 - 19:00
tel. 12 426 50 60, Rynek Główny 1 (Sukiennice)