Education department
Klaudia Kaczmarczyk
Rynek Główny 35 (35 Main Square), 31-011 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-20, 619-23-35
phone/fax (+48 12) 422-15-04
The department organizes the museum’s workshop classes and provides guidance for permanent exhibition Krakow's history and culture.
Subjects' pattern for the museum’s classes for elementary, grammar and secondary schools is concurrent with the current educational program.
Subjects are inspired by presented at the exhibitions art crafts and important events in Kraków and the history of Poland.
The department is responsible for the Town Hall Tower, The Barbican and the City Defence Walls.

Publishing board
Senior specialist Marcin Baran
Rynek Główny 35 (35 Main Square), 31-011 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-32
The Museum publishes many types of printed material: albums, catalogues, books, folders and science magazine related to the museum’s exhibitions. It edits and prepares for printing publications like: yearbook “The Krzysztofory Palace. Scientific Books of the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków” (since 1974), monographic series “The Krzysztofory Palace’s Library” (since 2005) and The Catalogues of the Museum’s Collections (since 2006)

IT Workshop
Wojciech Adamczyk
Rynek Główny 35 (35 Main Square), 31-011 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-42, 421-88-86
Last years brought to the museum significant development of the IT infrastructure. We have built local computer network with servers (over 50 PC’s) in the Krzysztofory Palace. The museum’s branches have been computerized too. Currently we are working hard on digital cataloguing museum’s objects with Musnet Niebieski (Infogenia) application, and implementing Linfo - Lotus (Macrologic), administering circulation of financial documents and managing information system. Very important subject is creating of the collections’ digitalization system. Digital pictures, scanning and digital processing, supported by the server’s resources and relevant DB software will help us in the future to collect and secure storing full information about the look of the historical objects. The workshop plays significant role in this project.

Museum objects preservation workshop
Main restorer
Custodian Anna Per-Żywolewska
41 Królowej Jadwigi Street, 30-009 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 427-30-38 ext. 3, 4
Due to various items in museum's collection, restoration workshop provides services in restoration and renewing objects joining different specialities. (e.g. painting on metal plates which are parts of clocks)
Workshop is divided into sections providing particular restoration process for:

- Paper - graphics, books, maps etc.
- Metal - white arms and firearms, art crafts, fittings, clocks cases,
- Paintings and sculpture - oil paintings, wooden and stone sculptures, frames, gold plating
- Furniture - inlays, inlaid, carvings, carpentry,
- Clocks - clockworks and cases
- Fabrics - fabrics securing, filling in lacks, protection of historical fabrics

The workshop prepares exhibits for rent and for permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Art Workshop
Wojciech Jodłowski
Rynek Główny 35 (35 Main Square), 31-011 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 422-42-19, 411-99-18, extension: 31
As per museum's needs the workshop prepares designs and graphical works of posters and banners. Moreover it designs graphical designs of publications, diplomas, flyers and folders.
Together with the workshop clabarates a graphics specialist providing modelling and visualization of historical objects in 3D techniques.

Photographic Workshop
Master Tomasz Kalarus
21 Szpitalna Street, 31-024 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 422-68-64, (12) 431-29-61
This section produces requests in photography, both for museum and other institutions and individuals. Although most of work is being done digitally, the workshop can provide traditional, contact reprints from glass plates. Workshop provides photographic documentation of museum's events and work as well as other important events in the city's life.

Section of the public orders, expenses monitoring and contracts registration
Aneta Wójcik
5 Pawia Street, 31-154 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-43, 619-23-06
This sections is responsible for preparing and conducting actions related to executing public orders. It plans orders and prepares reports of given ones. The section makes a general registration of contracts and monitors expenses.

Exhibitions’ planning department
Exhibitions’ planning specialist Zuzanna Miśtal
Rynek Główny 35 (35 Main Square), 31-011 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-45
The department plans and coordinates all actions related to the particular stages of temporary exhibitions’ emergence.

Reproductions and sales section
Rynek Główny 35 (35 Main Square), 31-011 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-52
The section is responsible for orders for photographic services. It provides institutions and individuals with museum’s collections for reproducing, researches, popularizing and commercial purposes. The section bases on the pricelist of the photographic services.
The workshop is also responsible for supervising internet shop, publications’ distribution, purchase and sells of the museum’s memorabilia and extraneous publications.

The Museum’s shop

Main Square’s underground workshop
Custodian Łukasz Walas
Rynek Główny 35 (Main Square 35) 31-011 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-48
The workshop’s objective is to protect historical and cultural objects, including social, economical and political life and natural environment on the area of the Kraków’s Main Squre.

Section of strategy and development
Senior specialist Agnieszka Szostak
5 Pawia Street, 31-154 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-15
This is a centre of coordination the museum’s strategy and raising funds for the museum’s activities. Moreover the section coordinates implementation of the project management. It cooperates with external consultants and consulting companies. It monitors process of the strategic project management.

Human resources department
Beata Furtak
5 Pawia Street, 31-154 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-19, 423-08-28
Human resources department is responsible for staff management through: analysing the museum’s human resources, planning personnel according to the policy and strategy of the museum, staff recruitment, developing assessment system, salaries and promotion system, personnel development and trainings, programme of professional career planning, influencing working conditions and relations, negotiating collective and individual job contracts, solving conflicts, personnel controlling, cooperating with trade unions. The section manages departments of personnel and pay-roll.

Section of Museum Collections’ acquisition
4 Jagiellońska St., 31-011Kraków
phone (+48 12) 619-23-72
The department monitors the market of Krakow related works of art to find and extend the museum’s collections for fresh exhibits and objects of material culture. At the same time the department accepts offers from private collectors who want to sell or present the museum with valuable items.

HSSE Department
HSSE specialist Małgorzata Majka
Rynek Główny 35 (35 Main Square), 31-011 Kraków
phone: (+48 12) 619-23-46

The Visitor Centre
Information and tickets

Opening hours:
10:00 - 19:00
tel. 12 426 50 60, Rynek Główny 1 (Sukiennice)