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15.11.2017 -
- 31.12.2020
kalendarium 31
KL Plaszow

Exhibition „Former KL Plaszow”

dodano 07.11.2017
Opcjonalny podpis
During the exhibition 19 of most important historical localizations of former concentration camp will be marked by plaques. Each single is a collage made of archival photos, relations of former prisons and short historical information.
The exhibition would be an opportunity for discussion about the past of KL Plaszow.

Historical Museum of Kraków,
Curatorial Collective,
design: Monika Bielak

The exhibition is a part of the project: Opracowania studium dot. opieki nad krakowskimi miejscami pamięci z KL Płaszów jako częścią Trasy Pamięci MHK founded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland and City of Kraków.