Wystawy czasowe

13.08.2020 -
- 05.04.2021
kalendarium 31
Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory


dodano 16.07.2020
Opcjonalny podpis
The exhibition is a story about traces – images of World War II passed down by witnesses, the protagonists of the exhibition. Thanks to them, we get to know fragments of Krakow’s history that are related to specific places on the map of the city. Thus, the exhibition is a journey through both time and space. We move around Krakow, in the area marked by the events of 1939–1945, and we are led by the stories of the protagonists. The exhibition is also a universal story about the city – a multicultural phenomenon in which processes common to all metropolises take place, whose patterns can be seen in the example of Krakow. Max Ehrmann wrote in Desiderata: “everyone has their own story”. But what to do with those who accepted other people’s stories as their own and weaved them into their lives? How should these be told? How should they be listened to? Who do these “someone’s-own” stories actually belong to? To those who were the first? Or to those who still allow them to continue? Or perhaps they are common, and thus also belong to us – the listeners? Let’s think about it together, listening to the stories of the protagonists of the Traces exhibition. 
There are many protagonists/witnesses/story tellers. Eleven people, over a dozen addresses, several dozen items – some of which are a sort of pars pro toto for the memory of the protagonists. And there is one city – Krakow, where all the stories told at the exhibition happened – and are still happening.