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05.08.2020 -
- 14.03.2021
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Nowa Huta Museum

Wobbly Man. The Lenin Monument in Nowa Huta

dodano 28.07.2020
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The monument dedicated to the memory of Vladimir Lenin, which was present in Aleja Róż for only 16 years, left a strong mark on the district. Even now, over 30 years after its dismantling, stories such as the unsuccessful attempt to blow it up, attempts to topple it by demonstrators, and the city legends it generated attract attention and are widely being commented on.

At the exhibition, visitors will learn about the history of the monument from its inception to dismantling. The exhibition will also cover issues regarding the universal fate of monuments throughout history, as well as the story of the so-called “troublesome heritage” in the former communist countries. The exhibition will also include works exploring the subject of the image of “communist heroes” by Paweł Susid, Krzysztof M. Bednarski and Jacek Sroka. The works on display also include items by such recognizable artists as e.g. Marian Konieczny, Bronisław Chromy, Wojciech Fangor, Edward Dwurnik or the well-known and controversial installation by Małgorzata and Bartosz Szydłowski “The Fountain of the Future”, presenting a reflective figure of Lenin “peeing”. 

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