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Museum's 120th anniversary celebrations

Museum in the City. City in the Museum.

added 13.12.2018 - update 21.11.2019
Contemporary municipal museums are not limited to the role of depositories of the past, presenting the phenomenon of their cultural heritage. The exhibition scenarios often deviate from the geography of the previous interests and focus on illustrating the contemporary elements of the city's synergies. New exhibitions in municipal museums serve as a certain kind of a civic forum, a participatory agora or an interdisciplinary reflection on the city's legacy and the modern palimpsests space, going far beyond the confines of the white cube. The objective of the planned series of lectures is to attempt to share the experience of how these elements are implemented in a number of spectacular spaces within European projects.
The selected exemplifications will also provide the grounds for a debate on the role of the museum in the very dynamic landscape of contemporary European metropolises, emphasizing its role in building complex and cosmopolitan communities and its prospective character. There will also be presentations showing the change in the constitutive perception of the institution of a municipal museum on the example of national references.
The event is curated by Michał Grabowski (MHK). 
Simultaneous translation will be provided for lectures delivered in English.
All the lectures will be held at the Copper Hall (Krzysztofory Palace) at 17:00.

dr Jan Gerchow, dyrektor Muzeum Historycznego Franfurtu
The complete reneval of an old city museum: Historisches Museum Franfurt ( 2010 – 2018).

Agata Abramowicz,
 wicedyrektor Muzeum Miasta Gdyni
Miasto i mieszkańcy w centrum zainteresowań. Wystawa stała oraz inne projekty partycypacyjne Muzeum Miasta Gdyni

Janet Dugdale, dyrektor Muzeum Liverpoolu
It’s HOW we do it that matters: curiosity and collaboration in the Museum of Liverpool.

Ewa Nekanda – Trepka, dyrektor Muzeum Warszawy
Rzeczy warszawskie w Muzeum Warszawy.

Tiina Merisalo, dyrektor Muzeum Miasta Helsinki
Shaking up the Museum Concept – the Retkinking of Helsinki City Museum.

dr Lucjan Buchalik,
 dyrektor Muzeum Miejskiego w Żorach
Od izby muzealnej do muzeum rejestrowanego, między regionem a egzotyką.

dr Volker Rodekamp,
 dyrektor Muzeum Historycznego Miasta Lipska
The current role of city museum. Museum as a part of a changing society.

dr Mariake von Bommel, dyrektor Muzeum Rzeki w Antwerpii
How to make an impact building a new museum in a changing city.

dr Paul van de Laar, dyrektor Muzeum Miasta Rotterdamu
How a City Museum connect people: the case of Rotterdam.

dr hab. Waldemar Ossowski
, dyrektor Muzeum Gdańska
Misje muzeów a zmiany w zarządzaniu Muzeum Gdańska.

Joana Sousa Monteiro,
 dyrektor Muzeum Miasta w Lizbonie
Perspectives on city museum from today: concepts, programmes and the case of the Museum of Lisbon.