Museum's 120th anniversary celebrations

New Name

added 17.12.2018 - update 28.07.2020
Starting from 1 March 2019, along with a new statute, the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków will also have a new, shortened name — The Museum of Kraków. 
We would like to emphasize, that the official name of our institution will still be “the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków”. Because of our respect for the Museum's founders, and the 120 years of tradition, the full name will continue to appear in all official documents, while the abbreviated version will be used in the Museum's communications.
In our ongoing activity we are increasingly moving away from dealing with the strictly defined history of Kraków and we are beginning to explore the city with the use of other scientific disciplines, such as anthropology or sociology. Above all, we are exploring contemporary Kraków in the context of the past, and not the city's past in and of itself.
The decision on the name change was influenced by the studies of the audience and the observation of the everyday language of the discussion concerning the Museum. In the reality of condensed media messaging, the name “Historical Museum of the City of Kraków” is often shortened or even omitted in the names of the individual branches. In order to help build the image of a strong, multifaceted institution, we decided to refresh the name.
As a municipal institution, operating for the benefit of the residents, we wanted to ensure that the citizens of Kraków are able to participate in the discussion concerning the Museum. At the end of last year we conducted public consultations concerning the name change—we asked both experts and ordinary residents of Kraków to share their opinions. The consultations provided two very clear conclusions—firstly, that there is broad support for the change (approx. 75% of the respondents), and secondly, that the most frequently suggested name was The Museum of Kraków. In response, we decided to adopt this proposal as the Museum's new name. As a result, over the last year we have been preparing for the introduction of the change, developing the Museum's new statute and visual identification.