Official inauguration of the Museum's 120th anniversary celebrations

added 18.12.2018 - update 28.07.2020
The Historical Museum of the City of Kraków gained legal autonomy on the basis of a resolution of the Council of the Royal City of Kraków of 31 May 1899. However, in practice it functioned as a part of the Archives of Historical Records of the City of Kraków, where the exhibits were collected for the Museum until the Second World War. The call for the Museum's independence materialized on 18 December 1945. The Municipal National Council in Kraków then passed a resolution on the establishment of the Museum and the adoption its statute. 
The 73th anniversary of adoption of the first statute of the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków falls on 18 December 2018, and this day marks the inauguration of celebrations of the 120th anniversary of the Museum's existence.  A ceremony of signing of the Jubilee Act took place during a special session of the Museum's Council with the participation of the Mayor of Kraków—Jacek Majchrowski.