KL Plaszow

Open letter regarding the commemoration of the former KL Plaszow

added 11.09.2019 - update 28.07.2020
We invite you to read the open letter to commemorate the former KL Plaszow:

In view of the ongoing discussions concerning the former German Nazi Labor and Concentration Camp Płaszów in Kraków, we feel compelled to take a stand on this matter, as we are observing with growing concern actions that call into question the necessity of commemorating this place.
The memory of the history of KL Płaszów has not been preserved in a proper manner since the end of World War II. We believe, however, that it constitutes an indelible part of our city's history. Krakow's heritage - forming a part of the broadly understood world heritage, which treats memories of the difficult and painful aspects of history with respect - obliges us to provide a worthy commemoration of the place where thousands of people suffered and died.
In recent decades Kraków repeatedly took action in order to restore the collective memory. We fully appreciate the past involvement of many institutions and individuals in the care over this memorial site. However, we recognize that it is not sufficient in light of the current developments. We need clear signs and symbols of remembrance built in the spirit of openness and fidelity to historical truth. Remembering the past is the first step towards changing the future.
There is no doubt, that Kraków has embarked on a path towards redefining our relationship with the history of the site of the former concentration camp. As a result, commemoration – combined with smart education – has only now become truly possible. This is an opportunity that we - as Kraków's citizens - should seize on.
The role of contemporary cultural institutions is to support the process of building a society based on values such as memory and dialog, which are centered on the respect for other human beings - both our current neighbors, and those that who already become a part of history. Because of that we believe, that the initiative to commemorate the KL Płaszów will be brought to a successful conclusion, and that the Museum - the Płaszów Concentration Camp Memorial Site will serve as adequate compensation for the previous negligence concerning the painful memories forever inscribed in Kraków's history.

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