Support the Museum of Krakow

added 26.05.2020 - update 17.08.2020
Ladies and Gentlemen, since mid-March we have all found ourselves in an unusual situation. The epidemic has turned all our lives upside down. Closed stores, cinemas, theaters, schools, playgrounds and of course museums. Almost all social life has moved to the virtual world.  
Since day one, the team at the Museum of Krakow has been striving to deliver interesting online content. We present our collections online, conduct education, and invite you to deal with the pandemic together. 
Unfortunately, we also incur material losses on account of this situation, like everyone else. Revenue from visiting our branches constituted a significant portion of the Museum’s income and allowed us to always give you our best. It also allowed us to run online activities. 
If you like what we do, please support us. It will help us to both carry on our ongoing operations and prepare exhibitions and events for what’s after.

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