KL Plaszow

Memorial Site KL Plaszow - Report for the period 2016-2017

added 15.01.2018 - update 17.08.2020
On January 26, 2017 the Kraków Municipality, the Jewish Religious Community in Kraków and the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków signed a joint agreement which is the cornerstone of the future commemoration of KL Plaszow. We read in its preamble:

The duty to preserve the memory of suffering and death of KL Plaszow prisoners is a foundation on which we will build a common civil society. We, representatives of three institutions for which the memory of the past serving as building material of the future is particularly important, undertake a joint effort aimed at creating a coherent commemoration, adequately reflecting the enormity of crimes perpetrated in the former KL Plaszow camp. Memory is a deposit from which we, contemporary citizens, not only should, but also have the duty to prudently draw upon, so that the future does not repeat the mistakes of history.

These words are not only a declaration of commitment on the part of the three institutions, but they also most fully express our joint intentions as to the importance and significance of working for this commemoration. Also important is the awareness that although the agreement has three signatories, it should also have a blank section were other institutions and private individuals could successively offer their involvement. For the question of commemorating KL Plaszow is above all a subject which unites sometimes very different communities. Of course, it is also controversial, drawing many people and institutions into arguments on its form, message and implementation.
The publication we are presenting to you is a report on two years of our activities, the huge work performed by the MHK staff with experts cooperating with them. It was an endless number of archive queries, trips, arduous work on the scenario, and difficult, but extremely fascinating excavations in this very painful terrain.
The emotions that overwhelm you when you hold for the first time a simple object, and enameled bowl of a KL Plaszow prisoner found in the camp, are difficult to compare with other emotions. This moment compensates for the enormous hard work that we have done and that certainly awaits us in the coming years.

Memorial Site KL Plaszow - Report for the period 2016-2017