The artists of Kraków and their art - 1939-1945

Author: Maria Zientara Place of publication: Kraków, year of publication: 2013, number of pages: 715, format: 21,5 cm x 30 cm
- 40.00 -
The artists of Kraków and their art - 1939-1945 Till the outbreak of the war Kraków, apart from Warsaw, was the most important centre of artistic life in Poland. Many artists creating the foundations of Polish artistic life after 1918, was the alumni and students of the Academy of Fine Arts and former residents of Kraków. Kraków was different from Warsaw, it had a specific - conservative and historicist approach to art, less open to new trends, especially built for left-wing ideological grounds. This did not prevent Kraków from founding the first Polish avant-garde group. The book is the first attempt to present Kraków art from the time of war and the fate of the Kraków artists. The monograph is a rich source of information about the war and presents it in a different, interesting and often unknown aspects.

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