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The Defensive Walls and the Barbican.

Author: , year of publication: 2015, number of pages: 50, format: 12cm x 21cm
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The Defensive Walls and the Barbican. Guide tells the story of the formation of the defense system of the city of Krakow, the beginning of which dates back to the times of King Wenceslas II (1291-1305).
The guide includes descriptions: Florian Walls, Towers Pasamoników, porch Fire, St. Florian's Gate, Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Stolarskiej Towers, City Arsenal, Towers Ciesielska and Barbican.
In Krakow they survived other fragments of ancient fortifications.
On the eastern side of the Plant is visible portion of the gate Gródek Wojtowski (Rzeźnicza), incorporated in the subsequent development of the Dominican monastery at Gródku.
The oldest gate Krakow was defended by representatives of the guild of butchers of Kraków.
After 1312 years it has been cemented, and its function of communication took over a nearby gate Mikołajska.

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