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Prisoner No. 774: Xawery Dunikowski at KL Auschwitz

Author: Maria Zientara Place of publication: Kraków, year of publication: 2016, number of pages: 131, format: 19,5cm x 22cm
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Prisoner No. 774: Xawery Dunikowski at KL Auschwitz Catalogue for the temporary exhibition presented in the Factory Schindler focuses on the wartime fate Dunikowski and their reflection in the art of the artist.
Xawery Dunikowski is one of the most outstanding representatives of the Polish sculptures beginning of the century and the interwar period, and by many historians of art is considered to be the most original Polish contemporary sculptor.
At the age of 64 years he was imprisoned in Auschwitz and stayed there four and a half years.
During their stay, she had many dramatic situations and repeatedly escaped death.
He managed to survive the camp thanks to those who saved his life and health.
Portraits these individuals made by the artist can be seen in the exhibition.
Why Dunikowski chose painting as a way to recover from the dramatic experience?
The main field of activity was still carving.
Painting was an additional, minor area of ​​interest can be assumed that he chose this method memories as giving the opportunity to direct and spontaneous expression.
The current exhibition is a good opportunity to present the story of the artist imprisoned in Auschwitz.
Art and memories formed by two complementary spaces of the exhibition.
The third is dedicated to the people who helped Dunikowski through the camp.

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