The Polish Underground State

Author: Tomasz Stachów Place of publication: Kraków, year of publication: 2010, format: CD
- 16.00 -
The Polish Underground State This multimedia presentation is  dedicated to the Polish Underground State whose extensive structure was a unique phenomenon, incomparable to the underground movements that evolved in other occupied countries.
The Polish Underground State was formed as a result of a long-term, complicated process of integrating secret military and civilian organizations and political parties united by the common goal: the struggle for Poland's independence.
Both the military and the civilian sectors of this underground structure provided enough room for people representing a wide range of political views, from socialist to nationalists.
The Polish Underground State was thus a democratic body, which was extremely rare in other European underground movements during WWII.
One of its most important sectors was the Home Army reputed to be the most powerful and the best organized underground army in the Nazi-occupied Europe.
The presentation is part of the permanent exhibition titled Kraków under Nazi Occupation 1939-1945.

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