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Office of Security in Kraków in the Years 1945-1956

Author: Maria Wąchała Place of publication: Kraków, year of publication: 2011, format: CD
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Office of Security in Kraków in the Years 1945-1956 The materials present leaders of the anti- Communist underground, instigators of resistance aganist the Communist reality, as well as people who inadvertently- or accidentally- crossed paths with the UB, commonly referred to as the bezpieka. Among the introduced figures there are also people whose "quiet work" contributed to successful completion of such anti-Communist actions as breaking up ST Michael's prison in 1946. Regardless of the ways in which these people engaged in fighting aganist the authorities and the scale of that engagement, their contacts with the UB always had an impact on their further lives. Brutal interrogations, rigged charges, trumped-up trial, many years in prison... such experiences left most of the victimized people overwhelmed with loneliness, fear and mistrust, and triggered their defiance of, and overt resistance aganist, the Communist system.

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