Magister Tadeusz Pankiewicz. A biography + The Eagle Pharmacy History and Memory

Author: many authors Place of publication: Kraków, year of publication: 2013, number of pages: 263 + 150, format: 16,5 cm x 21,5 cm
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Magister Tadeusz Pankiewicz. A biography + The Eagle Pharmacy History and Memory The intention of first one is to introduce the readers to the story of man who, by a coincidence and one very hazardous decision, rose to become a hero fighting for human dignity, defied the stereotype and remained faithful to his principles. By staying in the ghetto and helping its residents, Tadeusz Pankiewicz contravened the generally accepted rules and behaved as if he had lost his sense of self-preservation. "We were not heroes", hemaintained. "It was just our bounden duty." This is enough of a reason to become interested in that remarkable individual.
The second one is a collection o essays accompanying the permanent exhibition Tadeusz Pankiewicz's Pharmacy in the Kraków Ghetto. Memory of the past is one of the principal criteria for maintaining both individual and collective identity. Memory builds a sense of collective identity trough raising awareness of a community's shared past or coexistence over a period of time. Professor Leszek Kołakowski said: " What is a nation? It is that collective memory that gets across to everyone through school as well as through a range of simple traditions, such as monuments, songs, music, literature, all of which consitute our nationhood. Memory is all that makes us live on a separate whole." Memory develops a group identity by conveying values and perceived as identification signs.

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