The Eagle Pharmacy. A guidebook

Author: Anna Pióro Place of publication: Kraków, year of publication: 2013, number of pages: 44, format: 12 cm x 21 cm
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The Eagle Pharmacy. A guidebook The owner of the pharmacy - Tadeusz Pankiewicz, who wasn’t a Jew, decided to stay in the Ghetto and help its inhabitants. Apart from a place of first aid, his pharmacy was also a shelter for wanted, a place smuggled food receipt, contact point with the world outside the wall, an embassy of the free world in the surrounded with a wall and grated city”. Currently in the building of the former pharmacy there is a branch of our museum and the exhibition dedicated to extermination of Kraków’s Jews and a role of the pharmacy in everyday life of the Ghetto’s inhabitants.
The Eagle Pharmacy. The guidebook presents history of the pharmacy from its beginnings, it is from year 1909, through the World War II, times after the War, until nowadays. It presents spatial arrangement of the pharmacy and functions of rooms during the time of the Ghetto existence. It says about extermination of Kraków’s Jews: gradual elimination from the society, closing in the surrounded with a wall quarter, transferring to death camps, tragic Ghetto liquidation and histories of prisoners of the concentration camp in Płaszów. The guidebook includes archives and present days’ photographs indicating the exhibition’s arrangement and the pharmacy’s topography.

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