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The Krzysztofory Palace

Author: Piotr Hapanowicz Place of publication: Kraków, year of publication: 2015, number of pages: 52, format: 21cm x 12cm
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The Krzysztofory Palace Palace Krzysztofory commonly called Krzysztoforami is located in the western frontage of the Market Square at number 35.
It is one of the finest in terms of rank and glory urban residences in Krakow.
The name of the palace Krzysztofory before the house Morsztynowskiej comes from 1551roku when the owner of the property was Krzysztof Morsztyn.
Probably the palace proper name is derived from the name of the owner, so you can also involve placing the image of the patron saint on the facade.
From the centuries-old building  many legends are connected, including the sorcerer Twardowski and treasures in the basement lends its mystery.
In the west wing of the palace is an exhibition Cyberteka .Kraków-time and space.
Jdea exposure is a modern presentation of spatial development and urban Krakow.
In principle, this is a project open and will be systematically expanded.
The exhibition is a place to present the achievements of the Historical Museum of Krakow in the field of digital reconstruction of the building of Krakow and its agglomeration.
It is realized within the framework of the Museum complete and provides an introduction to the future permanent exhibition at the Palace Krzysztofory entitled Krakow from the beginning, without end.

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