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The Fighting City 1939-1945

Autor: Collective work Miejsce wydania: Kraków, rok wydania: 2015, liczba stron: 157, format: 17cm x 24cm
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The Fighting City 1939-1945 Catalogue for the temporary exhibition Fighting City 1939-1945 presented at a branch of the Historical Museum of Krakow Oskar Schindler's Enamel Factory tells the story of the underground structures of the state and making them people who risked their lives for the service of subjugation society.
They made the fight even despite the lack of basic resources, without a gun in his hand.
The underground was overwhelmingly organized on the model of a normally functioning state organism.
Struggling every day with the real threat of death, Poles were able to build a structure together across party lines to fight for independence.
During the activity the Polish Underground State there was no shortage of disputes between its creators, but they were well aware of the fact that the most important thing is to work out a compromise.
Together they formed a reform projects that could ensure the rapid development of the country after the war.
Therefore, we should get to know lots of people who in the years of World War II at the expense of their own safety they wanted to do in our country something selfless for others.
At the exhibition we present a history of more than 20 people working within the Polish Underground State in Krakow.
For examples, the fate of all these people want to talk about what it was civil conspiracy independence, which was carrying real good for the residents of the city and the difficult conditions under a developed.